about me

My name is Meg, and I live in the Midwest next to strawberry fields, lakes, wide skies, and woodsy forests.  I'm hitched to a wonderful man that truly lights up my world.  After getting married, we decided to stay in our little hometown (much to our surprise) to get involved in the business of starting coffee houses, community, and ministry.  As if our first years of marriage weren't already filled to the brim, we decided to add a smiley baby boy and an energetic pup to the mix.  We love to soak up the beauty of life and go ahead full force.  I love our real, chaotic life.  (And, believe me, there are many days that we have pb&j for dinner at 10 p.m., show up for meetings on the wrong day, and forget to shower until our hair starts to look a little funky.  We keep it real, people.)

I try to strive to see the amazingness and intricate beauty of God in everyday moments throughout life.  My relationship with God is such a journey.  I love Him so much it hurts.  I'm so grateful for His truth and faithfulness.  

A lot of where I write comes from the rattlings in my head about God and this world & how to hold everything together as a 20-something wife and momma, while still pursuing my passions of living an artsy life filled with community, good food, and fun adventures.  

Thanks for stopping by.  
I'd love to connect with you.  
{prellwitz.meg@gmail.com or on twitter: meg_prellwitz}


  1. You are a sweet treasure! I love this photo of you. :)

  2. I love this "about me" section!