why "homemade bliss"?

homemade bliss was born from a caffeine fueled conversation with my husband late one night.  We just made some pretty weighty decisions regarding our future together (little did we know those decisions were teeny tiny compared to decisions and adventures we would face later on in life) and we really wanted to make sure we stayed intentional with how we were living our story.

As a couple starting our marriage together, we always talked about moving away. Some where with mountains and farm stands around every couple of corners.  We were going to stay there for a few years, go to seminary & further our education, and then get involved in outreach & missions. We would leave with just our packs on our backs and go where ever God wanted--no strings attached.

... God had different plans. (Surprise!) All of a sudden, what we thought was "our reality" was thrown out the window and we were buying a house in our hometown and making a commitment to a local church to come on staff and stay for at least three years.

I threw the pitty parties of all pitty parties (party of one) and then it hit me (thank goodness) that I could waste the next few years of my life just sitting in the background on the bench missing out on anything and everything beautiful or I could take ahold of this new path and give it my best shot. Really live. After that late night decision, I realized the crazy potential in our situation.  I realized that God was writing a story--my story--and I had a part to play in it all.

My husband and I set out to learn how to be content with being back in our hometown and we realized how we don't need to be on top of a mountain or on a dirt floor some where to make a difference.

We were needed and being used where we least expected it.  God was writing our story and He had parts for us to play.  At home.

So, this little corner of the internet will not only document our story and share the memories we're making, but it will also be a place where I throw some words on a page and strive to make sense of it all.  My hope is that we are able encourage, learn, and grow with each other through the stories we share.  

Find a comfy spot, grab some coffee, and stay awhile.  You're always welcome here. 

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