Wednesday, July 25, 2012

two years

two years ago I had no idea we would be on the journey we are today.

two years ago I had no clue about the things I would learn about myself and life while married to you.
we have laughed.  we have cried.  we have danced.  we have yawned.  and we have ate a lot of ice cream.      

marriage is the best thing and the hardest thing I have ever been a part of -- and I am so incredibly lucky to be sharing it with a husband that is so patient and forgiving with me, so loving towards our babe, and such a servant with anyone he meets.  he always reminds me of what's really important in life and strives to be such a strong leader for our family.  

... and it doesn't hurt that he has the sweetest smile that  melts my heart and gives the best kisses either.

here's to many, many more anniversaries! 

Monday, July 9, 2012

weekend of rest

This past weekend was a weekend of rest.  It was so much fun to escape as a family and enjoy the each other's company without the craziness of meetings, company, or a messy house getting in the way.  

I think we drove on the most gorgeous country roads over the weekend.  I drive on them every summer, and they still capture my attention every time I'm driving on them.  I had to pull to the side of the road to take a picture of this cornfield.  The way the morning sun was hitting the cornstalks ... and the sky was just so.  Goodness.  How ridiculous do I sound! 

 Coffee and watermelon was our diet of choice.  

 There is something about water that I just love.  It has such a calming affect on me.  I can't put my finger on it, but I am definitely a water girl.  

 I found some goodies from the garden and farm market that I am beyond excited about.  Fresh produce ... yes!  (Those blueberries may already be all gone ... )  

We discovered an old mill that was made into a coffee house in the middle of nowhere.  The owners were so incredibly nice.  I could sit on their porch for hours.  

... here's to more weekends for taking it slow, realizing simple beauty, and enjoying loved ones.   

Saturday, July 7, 2012

how he loves :: {new momma thoughts}

As I write this, my babe is to my right ... sleeping all swaddled up in his bassinet.  The temperatures are in the 100's in Wisconsin, so he is having sleepovers in our bedroom until the temperature goes down in his room.  I find myself glancing over at him constantly ... drinking in his every last feature.  The long eye lashes, pink cheeks, and peaceful face makes my heart melt every time.  Our babe has just started to giggle, coo, and smile more.  Seeing and hearing him be so happy is probably the best thing ever.  I can't even fathom how my love continues to grow and grow for him.  This little boy is teaching me what it means to be a momma; to let go of all self-centeredness and to love with a love so deep it hurts.

A few nights ago, while thinking about the over-abundance of crazy love I have for this little man, God grabbed my attention.

"Meg, that is how I feel about YOU.  That smile you get when you see your babe smile?  I smile when you smile.  The heartbreak you feel?  My heart breaks for you when I watch you suffer.  I want the best for you.  Be with me ... let go of control.   Let me guide you and be your Father. "

I always thought I understood as well as I could the intimate connection I had as God's daughter.  But, I was paralyzed with intense awe after making the correlation I spoke about above.  To think thad God stares at me that way that I stare at my little boy ... drinking in his every feature.  Awe-ing over how perfectly created he his.  It blows my mind that God thinks so similarly about us.  He so intensely wants us to be happy and looks out for our best interests.  He created me ... you ... us ... with passions, desires, creativity that shouldn't be silenced and that has great purpose.  He delights in us.  He loves us.

God is so great.  I am so blessed.