Friday, June 14, 2013

five minute friday : "listen"

today i'm linking up with lisa-jo baker and her marvelous idea of "five minute friday". every friday she gives a one word prompt. you write unscripted for five minutes flat. this friday's prompt was "listen". here goes!


i sit down next to my friend. warm mug of coffee in hand. we quickly get the normal questions out of the way--kids, husband, job, weather. we sink down a little deeper into our seats and hold our mugs a little closer. i prop my feet up on the edge of the chair. my heart feels like it is going to burst with all the thoughts and emotions i want to share, but i utter no words. i have an urge to fill the silence with random words strung together, but then i realize that silence is golden. and if silence is golden, listening is even better. my friend begins to unfold and share. and i listen.

i leave the coffee house that night with a different and outward perspective.