Friday, November 2, 2012

living life in the fast lane

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life continues to move.  if you don't hang on tight with your eyes peeled wide open, you'll wake up one morning confused and with your mind swirling thinking about how you ended up where you are.

life moves so fast.  so fast that's it's some times hard to slow down.  it's easier just to ride along and keep the pace up.  one foot in front of another.  moving from one place and thought to the next without hesitation.

i truly believe there are seasons in life.  ((cliche, but true.))  seasons for fast paced living--seasons for getting projects done, deadlines met, and meeting people.  but, hopefully, there are also seasons for moving slow.  appreciating the way the sunlight filters through the kitchen windows.  the sound of your babe giggling and babbling in the next room over.  the way a warm cup of coffee feels in your hands.  the way your lover feels laying next to you in bed.  the smell of dill that reminds your of your grandma's gardening hands.

some times living life in the fast lane is needed.  there's a project happening with a big end goal right around the corner.  there's a big life change that you're gearing up for.  or, it's just a busy season.  i like living fast.  running from one thing to the next.  it makes me feel energized and important (oh goodness, if only we could stop using "busy" as a badge of honor).  but, as i get older, i'm realizing that living life like this without allowing slow times isn't all that meaningful (or healthy for that matter).  i want my family and friends to remember me as the person that would actually stop to listen when they spoke.  i want to remember as best as i can how my babe felt in my arms as an itty bitty baby with his head nestled up against my chest.  i want to take the time to create a home full of life and love and community--not being concerned about perfected walls and furniture neatly placed.        

i hope with all my might that i'm able to return back to living simply and slowly after a fast season.  i am blessed.  it's so nice to be able to slow down and remember this before it's too late and my life it too far ahead of me and i'm unable to catch up.  

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