Tuesday, April 2, 2013

to write

lately i have started a bad habit of writing, deleting, then re-writing.  there are an abundance of posts in my drafts folder.  now, i know it's good to proofread and make grammatically correct phrases and sentences (oops...).  and there definitely is a time to be particular and intentional about what ever you're trying to accomplish and write.  i love both types of writing.  but, for some reason, i let my perfectionism and insecurities get in the way and i start to forget why i even write in the first place.

i write to sort things out. to process.
i write to share my story. to force myself to be vulnerable. 
i write because i feel most like myself with a pen in my hand, journal opened up, and coffee steaming next to me. 
i write so i can think.   

i don't write to have perfect endings and pretty sentences. 
i don't write to pretend that my life is perfect.  
i don't write to construct a made-up mask or wall that i hide my weird quirks and insecurities behind.  
i don't write because i should or because i have to. 

i write because i choose to.  i write because i would go absolutely nuts if i didn't. 

and, the cool thing is, when i allow myself to write about the crazy nonsense that my mind thinks up, other people don't feel so weird or crazy or different.  other people are inspired and encouraged.

all because i choose to write.  


  1. i love your writing! please dont stop.


  2. I love your writing too sister!! So blessed to be in this with you!

  3. I can totally relate Meg! All these are reasons I truly love writing!

  4. Thanks for this post. It actually inspired me to write today, even though I hadn't planned. Hoping to come drop by your blog in future! Be blessed mrs!


  5. Yes. We need one another's stories.

    Keep writing. Be brave.

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