Tuesday, August 28, 2012

coffee date

One of my favorite people online, Casey Leigh, posts a coffee date blog every so often.  She writes as though you're sitting down to enjoy some coffee (or ice cream!) with her and I always love reading her thoughts and looking through her pictures.  It feels like we're actually sharing a relationship and a date through the computer screen.

{{Please take some time to check out Casey's blog ... it is beyond amazing.}} 

  I thought I would take some inspiration from her and start our own form of coffee dates here on homemade bliss.  

Sit down, grab a coffee (or another treat!) and let's get to know each other.   


If we were sharing some coffee together right now at my tiny red patio table, I would share with you how incredibly inspired I'm feeling lately.  I would also ask you to ignore the potted herbs that were drying up (it's been a hot summer and I just cant keep anything green alive!), but that's besides the point.  The warm, blueberry almond scones I just took out of the oven would go perfectly with our strong brew (in reality, we probably would be enjoying some fresh fruit instead because who even has time to bake during these crazy summer months?).  You would hear about how I'm loving my life as a new momma, but I'm often scared silly with the crazy amount of decisions life presents when you have a little one.  We would laugh at the crazy, embarrassing moments I've caught myself in lately (living in a small town where everyone knows you can be quite interesting...).  I would ask you about what's been on your heart lately and how your summer is going.

As our coffee cooled off, I would share how I've been trying to have quiet time every morning before the whole house wakes up.  Some mornings are better than others.  I would share with you that I'm slowly reading through the book of Proverbs and Matthew.  Proverbs has given me insight and direction with how I should be living my life.  I never really took the time to realize how poetic it actually is.  I usually just get caught up in the "rights" and "wrongs" and don't look past the words.  Matthew has taught me so much about Jesus, His plans for me and the awe-inspiring miracles He's performed.  I would sheepishly tell you that I'm justs starting to understand the concept of grace and it is transforming my perspective on life.  It's almost like I'm able to read the bible in a different light lately.  We would then go on to discover that we're not all that different in our journeys and we would feel refreshed from being able to "be real" about sharing the raw-ness of finding our way through having faith with each other.

I would tell you I've finally come to peace with the decision to become a stay-at-home momma.  Leaving the coffee house ministry I started over the past three years was heartbreaking, but it felt so right.  I share with you I'm not quite sure how to do this full-time momma stuff and deal with the change.  I'm trying to just be still and quiet let things happen for a while before getting overwhelmed.  It felt so clear to me that this is what God wanted me to do and it is so comforting to rest in that.  

We would start to talk about some of our dreams.  I would share how I dream of a big farm house with little sheds (can you imagine the art studios?!) and more gardens than grass.  We would go on and on about inspiration and the little things we would love to do in this life.  I would ask you what really inspires you and makes you feel alive.

Before you know it, our mugs would be empty and the babe would be wanting to be fed again.  Maybe we can do this again soon?!


  1. stopping by from the influence link up!! nice to "meet you" :)

  2. Thank you for stopping by, Stephanie! Hopefully we can actually meet each other come October. Have a great week! :)