Thursday, August 16, 2012

whoa babe. slow down.

Lately, life around here has been beautiful whirlwind of sleep schedules, family hikes, farmer market veggies, finding time for creativity, and soaking up every last bit of summer.  It's been interesting to see my shift in perspective since becoming a mama.  Living life has become more about slowing down and trying to enjoy every moment instead of racing around and doing, doing, doing.  I still have to remind myself daily to just be and enjoy the moment, but it's refreshing to have a new found contentment and peace.  I think I always equated slowing down with not being good enough or being successful enough.  I'm able to see how incredibly false that perspective is now (even though it still nags at me on and off ... just keeping it real).

Having this cute little babe has made me realize how fast life literally flies by.  I feel like just yesterday I was holding a tiny newborn in a hospital bed and now he's already almost 5 months and starting to eat cereal?  Hold the phone.  What?!  He just makes my heart burst. 

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  1. Love these pictures - especially the one of the two of you!!! PRECIOUS!!