Thursday, September 27, 2012

dress for the day

Abby over at dear abby leigh started an awesome mission over on her blog yesterday.  It was such a great idea that I decided to jump in on the fun.  Abby wrote about how she realized when you put a little extra effort into getting dressed for the day you feel so encouraged and unstoppable.  After hearing Abby's story, I thought about how great I feel when I actually take the extra few minutes to take the time to pick out a cute outfit and put a little extra effort into my make-up and hair.  It seems like such an elementary concept, but it actually makes quite the difference with my mood.

I absolutely love, love putting outfits together.  Patterns?  Yes please.  Color blocking?  Absolutely!  Accessories?  Well, of course.  After becoming a mama, I realized getting ready in the morning is a little tiny bit more difficult than it was before.  I really didn't want to ride down the slippery slope into yoga pants and pulling my hair into a high bun every day (Which, I still probably do maybe 3 days a week. Baby steps, baby steps.)    

Because you know what?!  When I take a few minutes to throw a cute outfit together I'm telling myself I'm worth it.  I'm worth the creativity and extra time taken to put something fun together.  This realization overflows into my attitude for the day.  I have a little extra energy and pep in my step.

So, along with Abby, I challenge you to ...

... not for the day that's trying to have you.  

Here's a sampling of what I'm wearing while chasing after this little guy.  It might not be super polished, but it's not yoga pants ... and I feel spunky and a wee bit sassy.   

Go check out Abby's blog and help her champion this great cause!


  1. This is amazing! Thank you for joining and sharing the joy of that babe with the interwebs!

    1. After checking out your blog ... I knew I had to join in. :) Love your words. I'll be linking up with you more in the future. Thanks for stopping by to say hello!