Friday, October 19, 2012

currently on my mind :: a little list

Today I'm taking a little break in the heavy thinking to post some pictures and write a little list of what I'm loving lately.  What can I say ... I'm a list lover!  I hope you're able to slow down for a bit today and appreciate some of the beautiful simplicity around you.

I'm loving ... 

... warm and veggie packed stews.  I just made black bean and zucchini chili the other day.  It was so scrumptious, spicy, and filling.  Put it on top of a baked sweet potato and you will be oh, so happy.  

... lots and lots of house projects.  I have officially hit a "nesting mode".  I think it's the cool and cozy fall weather.  My latest project at the top of my list is finishing the backsplash in our kitchen.  Our plan is to affix steel on the wall and paint it with chalkboard paint (magnetic and writable ... so cool).  Cheap and artsy.  I love it. 

... fall walks.  The colors are hanging on just a little bit.  It's always sad to see the vibrant colors go, but the short seasons makes me appreciate the beauty even more. 

... feeding this little man.  We're introducing more and more real foods.  It is incredibly funny to watch him try new things.  I will never forget his "avocado face".  

... going on little adventures with these three.  Some times I have to take a step back and really appreciate where I'm at in life.  Almost like a little reality check.  I'm a wife!  a mom!  what?!!  I am one lucky girl.   

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