Thursday, October 18, 2012

dress for the day :: color addition

I'm linking up with dearabbyleigh again today for Dress for the Day.  She's spreading the word about setting the tone for your day through what you choose to wear.

And, you know what?, these posts have taken on a meaning so incredibly more important than scarves, outfits, and fun hair.  Don't get me wrong - those things are small ways that we appreciate ourselves and, most importantly, strive to accept and believe in ourselves.  But, these posts have shown how women are working on accepting the skin they're in.  The body beneath the clothes.  It's a journey.

How we dress is just the starting point.  Choosing fun clothes that feel good makes us feel important and valuable, but these feelings need to start in our mind & heart to.  I often struggle with believing that I deserve to look good.  That sounds crazy, but I think it's something many women struggle with.

So, here's to the journey of loving the skin we're in.

Adding pops of color to my outfits have become my lastest thing. There are times I fall into a grey or black rut, and wearing colors just brightens my mood and adds a little spunk to my step.

The lighting in the photo above is a little off, but I'm wearing red shirt and a mustard yellow scarf.  I can't get enough of the mustard yellow color lately.

Photo courtesy of the local coffee house bathroom.  Love it. 

Head on over to dearabbyleigh.  Join this awesome initiative & share your story.  


  1. you really hit on something real there, meg - believing we are worth feeling good about ourselves. whoa.

    thank you for joining me in this quest and adding your pops of color to the landscape! i'm happy to know you here.

    1. I can't figure out OpenID today -but this is Abby :)