Monday, February 25, 2013

times files

my husband was out of state last week for work, so i got to spend a lot of quality time with this little love bug.  everyone says that time flies when you have kids.  it's almost like my little boy is a daily visual of how fast time is flying by.  it's causing me to really want to press pause and savor every little moment.  

next month, ramsey turns one.  


(cue freak out). 

i can't believe that last year at this time i was preparing to bring a little babe into the world.  i also can't believe how many misconceptions i had about being a mom.  i read and researched as much as i could and i was dead set on a lot of things.  

and then, ramsey came along.  and he was the one teaching me

i have never learned as much in these last 11 months than i have my entire life and i would never change a thing.   

this little boy is a mirror into how i act and love.  (... and that has been so hard to swallow at times.)  

i am so thankful for the ups and downs.  the adventures.  the laughs.  the middle of the night thoughts.  

i'm so thankful that god has entrusted me to be the one that loves on him and teaches him.  

i'm your biggest fan, baby boy.  


  1. So cute! You are very blessed :) I can't wait to have little ones. Time does fly. Have a great monday <3

  2. He is such a little cutie. Motherhood is such an adventure, isn't it?

    1. You are so right --- it is quite the adventure!