Friday, March 8, 2013


do you ever feel like there are times when you have thoughts and ideas bouncing around like crazy in your head?  almost like there is inspiration every where you look?  this happens for me quite a bit (usually after my second cup of coffee).  i'm always finding myself pondering about community, self reflection, the latest inspiring photos in the kinfolk magazine, and other inspiring topics. 
instead of letting the thoughts take stock up in my mind, i decided to start recording them.  
maybe they'll spark something inside of you. maybe not. 
so, you could consider this a new series titled "inspiration fueled by coffee" 
("or, meg is a crazy person that needs to shut off her brain once in awhile...").

the stories we tell ourselves.

stories of falling short.  of not doing enough, being enough, saying enough, creating enough, or accomplishing enough.

i have defined myself by these stories for much of my life.  some of the stories are about situations that have happened in the past that i think still define me.  some of them are manufactured by my ever buzzing brain.

it's time to own these stories.  to recognize them.  to reconcile them.

to own our past.  to accept our past.

to realize the place they have in the bigger story.

to stop living in a place of fear and regret.

it's time to close the last chapter and start a new book.

a book brimming with life and beauty.

a book authored by the one that gifts us with grace, abundance and freedom when we identify and define our stories in Him.

because if we never allow ourselves to move on from one chapter, we'll miss out on the acceptance and freedom to start another.



  1. This is so good Meg. I love that your an idea person (so am I!) so if you ever need someone to talk ideas with, I am your girl!!

  2. This is such a great post. I feel the same way a lot of the time (and also have a similar series on my blog, Finding my Voice.) I love finding other Christian bloggers, so encouraging!

  3. I LOVE this post, Meg. So good. Thanks for this beautiful inspiration today! :)