Friday, June 8, 2012

i'll always be a dreamer

Dreaming is so easy, but following through on something is the hardest part.  I am such a dreamer.  These dreams of mine are thought about so often that I bury them in my mind and lock them up so tight that I believe they can never be reality.  I often defeat myself even before I start.    

Taking the plunge and silencing those nasty fears and voices is an art.  An art that I am attempting to get better at.  Aren't we all?  Perhaps it will always be a battle throughout life.

Seasons come and go throughout life.  I am currently exiting a gloomy season of life.  A season that was polluted with exhaustion, bitterness, pride, and negativity.  Throughout this last month, God has spoken to me through new dreams, determination, and excitement.  I'm at a crossroads that is so beautiful and full of life.  This new-found zest for life and eagerness is easily beaten down, but for some reason I'm stronger lately.  There is a delicate strength and vibe about me that feels real.  So real that I want to bottle it up for those days that are a little more grey.

Grace is an intricate part of possessing this new strength.  The fears that often suffocate and bury me are set free with the understanding of grace.  I don't have to be perfect or accomplish perfection--such an elementary concept--but a major struggle of mine.  Once I accepted the gift of grace (and continuously remind myself to accept it), a veil was removed from my view.  My perspective shifted.  I realized that I am enough and I have all I need to accomplish whatever is placed on my heart.  Perfection is suffocating.  I am breathing fresh air.  

Perfection is always a battle that I will continue to fight, but for now I am going to celebrate.  Celebrate the little victories along the way.  The realization that I am part of God's awesome body with passions and talents that He is waiting for me to use to accomplish His dreams.  What a journey.


  1. I loved this! I resonate with every part of it. Coming out of a gloomy long season as well, and ready to embrace (and bottle up) this new peace I have in life... I want to bottle bits up for those days the doom and gloom try to sneak back in...

    1. Thanks for the comments Julie! I'm happy my words resonated with you. Bottle up that joy and peace as much as you can!