Saturday, June 16, 2012

summer awakening

There's an emotion that this season of summer is able to draw up and out of me from deep down inside the walls of my heart. My emotions rattle around in the hollow of my rib cage eager to burst.

All too often I ignore my own emotions.  I silence the urges before they take root deep within and keep myself button straight up. But, lately there's something about summer that causes me lack of control. The beauty, the simplicity, the fresh air ... I crave it.  My appetite bubbles up in me and seeps out of my pores. I'm forced to dance a little dance with my bare feet caressing the cold tile of the kitchen floors. My feet start to move, my hips sway, and my hair carelessly falls in my face. My emotions bound outward and I am free. Glowing.  Beaming.  Wonderful molded and crafted. My senses are awakened and I've learned how to love again.  Real love.  Deep love.  Pure love.  

My soul gratefully awakens from the long slumber of winter.  I am awake and I am free.

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